About me

As I’m a privacy- and security conscious person, I don’t feel like sharing a lot about my private life.

Hobby wise, I like to tinker with electronics, micro controllers and such, maintain some Linux based systems for fun and love to go on multi-day long-distance hikes through rough country (which we don’t have here in the Netherlands, so I’ll go abroad for that).

I am employed as a senior IT consultant, with an emphasis on information security. To support that, I hold the (ISC)2 CISSP certification. Trying to help newcomers in IT to do things right the first time, I’ve been a guest lecturer in information security at a local college.

I come from a highly techincal (networking) background and used to be a “hard core” technician. These days I’m a consultant and project manager with a highly developed technical insight and a special focus on privacy and security related matters.